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Thank you for the Shout Outs!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We are proud of the partnership we have with the schools in Waldo County. Over the past year, our food drives have added more than1200 pounds of food to RSU 71 schools' , Searsport Middle and High schools', and the Montview schools' food pantries.

We work with our local schools to be sure students have a safe, fun place to go before and after school. A big thank you to Mary Alice McLean, Glen Widmer, and Ashley Reynolds for their kind words recognizing our partnership. We could not do what we do without their partnership.

Jan 27 Newsletter from RSU 71

Food Pantry

Today, RSU 71 received a generous donation from the Waldo YMCA: 8 boxes of food and $180 toward our food pantry program. Many thanks to our friends and neighbors at the YMCA for your continued partnership in serving our community!

Jan 31 Email from CASS after the Evacuation due to Heating System Pilot Light Concern

Also, thanks to the RSU #71 bus department, which responded promptly and got us all over to Troy Howard Middle School, to the middle school and its staff, including Mr Bailey, Mr Bouchard, Ms Preston, Mr Larrabee, Mr Pendleton, Ms Robinson, Mrs Mailloux, and the rest of the staff who pitched in and helped us sort through things, to the Belfast Fire Department, to Perley Martin and the kitchen staff at Troy Howard, the Waldo County YMCA who came to pick up students and bring them to the Y, the RSU #71 maintenance director and staff, who identified and diagnosed the problem, Officer Rick Smith, who was on site to help us out, to the RSU #71 Central Office who helped coordinate the response today.

Feb 12 Letter from CASS

The YMCA is another strong partner. They work closely with us, especially during unexpected days, like snow days and the day we had to evacuate. They work closely with many CASS families. If you’d like to learn more about ways they YMCA could work with your family, please reach out to Faith Boynton, the Youth Development Director.

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