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Facility Check-In: EVERYONE must check in to our facility.

  • Annual Members & 3-Month Members enter their check-in code into the keypad at the Front Desk. 

  • All others must sign print their name on the clipboard upon entering the facility.


Camera and Video Policy: Visual recording devices - including cell phones - are not allowed in the YMCA without the consent of the CEO or a staff department representative.


Cell Phone Policy: Talking on your cell phone is prohibited in the Locker, Fitness Room, Wellness Room, Walk/Run Track, or Pool Complex. Cell phones may be used for music with the use of headphones.


Day/Week/Shower Pass: Non-members and visitors may utilize the YMCA by paying a fee.

Gift Certificates: YMCA gift certificates (in any amount) are available at the Front Desk. They are neither transferable nor refundable.

Holidays: We are closed in observance of the following holidays: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.


Joiner Fee: The Waldo County YMCA charges a Joiner Fee at sign-up. This one-time fee supports ongoing improvements and equipment purchases for the YMCA.

Payments: Annual memberships at the YMCA can be paid in full at sign-up or by monthly automatic payment using a debit or credit card. Three-month memberships are due in full at sign-up.


Rate Notice: The Waldo County YMCA may, at their discretion, adjust the membership rate applicable to any category of membership. The YMCA will post four weeks' notice prior to any such change.


Refunds: Membership fees are neither refundable nor transferable. Program fees may be refundable prior to the start of a session with the exception of non-refundable deposits. 


Street Shoes: Please do not wear street shoes or boots in our indoor program areas.


YMCA Nationwide Reciprocity Membership: You may use your Waldo County YMCA membership at participating Y’s through this program. To use another Y:

  • Present a photo ID at the participating Y. (Participating Y’s will not charge a guest fee.)

  • Fill out a waiver.

  • Programs, fitness classes, or discounts are not included in Nationwide Reciprocity.

  • Each participating Y reserves the right to restrict facility/program access at their discretion. (Babysitting, fitness classes, swim time, rock climbing, peak court hours, etc.

Safety Guidelines for Children at the Y:

In the Building: Children 10 & under must be under the direct supervision of a parent. Children 11 - 12 must have a parent in the building.

Fitness Room: Children under 12 are not allowed in the Fitness Room. Children 12-14 are allowed ONLY after an orientation AND under the direct supervision of a parent or fitness instructor.

Gymnasium: Children 10 & under are allowed in the gym only under the direct supervision of a parent or if attending a program.

Locker Rooms: Children 5 & older may use the Men’s/Women’s locker room with a same-sex parent or use

the family locker rooms.

Tom & Sally Savage Pool Complex: Children 6 & under must remain within arm’s reach of an adult Children 7-10 must have an adult in the Pool Complex. Children 11-12 must have an adult in the building.


Walk Track: Children 11 & under are allowed on the track ONLY under the direct supervision of a parent who is walking with them.

Wellness Room: Children 14 & under allowed in the Wellness Room only if attending a program.

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