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Member/Program Participant Behavior
and Facility Use Policies

The Waldo County YMCA is a drug-free facility, and we require that all members, employees and program participants refrain from using and bringing drugs or alcohol when at the YMCA. We reserve the right to refuse admission to or remove from a program or activity, anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Waldo County YMCA is a non-tobacco facility.  NO smoking or vaping is permitted on YMCA property.


Appropriate attire: Please dress appropriately for our family friendly facility.


Membership Ownership: The Waldo County YMCA encourages a feeling of ownership on the part of its members. Should you notice inappropriate behavior please report it to the YMCA Staff.


YMCA of the USA has instituted the CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT, & RESPONSIBILTY as its Core Values. It is the intention of the Waldo County YMCA to integrate these core values into our programs and activities. Our behavior policy is posted in the building. To achieve this, the following is unacceptable:

  • Disrespect of others, the facility or equipment

  • Derogatory remarks or actions about race, creed, gender or appearance

  • Destruction of the building or equipment

  • Physical contact other than holding hands

  • Swearing or inappropriate language

  • Fighting

  • Clothing that portrays graphic violence/language

  • Clothing/headgear found to be offensive

  • Behaviors/clothing deemed to be inappropriate

  • Food and drink, with the exception of water (vending products allowed only in designated areas)

Facility check-in: Everyone must check in to our facility. Annual and 3-month members will check-in using their barcode at the front desk keypad. All others must sign and print their name on the clipboard at the front desk.


Camera and Video Policy: Visual recording devices are not allowed in the YMCA without the consent of staff.


Cell Phone Usage: Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the Locker, Fitness Room, Wellness Room, Walk/Run track, or Pool Complex. For the courtesy of others please always take your conversations outside. Cell phones may be used for music with headphones. Cell phones may not be used for recording without staff permission.


Fragrances: please refrain from wearing scented fragrances to not affect others allergies.


Street Shoes: Please do not wear street shoes or boots in our indoor program areas.


Animals: No animals are allowed in the building unless they are a service animal trained to help with a disability.


Lost and found: Any recovered items will be held at the Front Desk for up to one month. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged belongings. Locks are provided at the Front Desk for day use at no-charge.


Insurance: Participants need to provide their own health and accident insurance coverage. If there is a medical emergency, we will call 911.


Holidays: We are closed in observance of New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Safety Guidelines Regarding Children at the Y

In the building, including Gymnasium and Walk/Run Track: 

  • Children 10 & under must be under direct supervision of a caregiver when not participating in a program.


Wellness Room:

  • Children 14 & under can only be in the Wellness Room if attending a program.


Fitness/Weight Room:

  • Children under 12 are not allowed in the Fitness/Weight Room.

  • Children 12 – 14 are allowed in the Fitness/Weight Room only after an orientation and under the direct supervision of a caregiver or a Fitness Instructor. Exceptions


Tom and Sally Savage Pool Complex:

  • Children 6 & under must remain within arm’s reach of a caregiver.

  • Children 7 – 10 must have a caregiver in the pool complex.

  • Children 11 – 12 need a parent or caregiver over 18 years old in the building.


Locker Rooms:

  • Children 5 & older may use the Men’s/Women’s locker room with a same sex caregiver or the family locker rooms. Children under 5 or with a caregiver of the opposite sex must use the family locker rooms.

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