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Management of the Waldo County YMCA is vested in a volunteer Board of Directors.  Board members (directors) owe a legal fiduciary duty to the Waldo County Y and shall act only in the Y’s best interest.  Directors must respect the confidentiality of board deliberations and shall support decisions by the board.  

The board actively recruits new board members and welcomes applicants who possess suitable skills and experience to help the Y with growth of services in the community.  New members of the board are elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and hold office for three years.  Directors may be reelected, for up to two additional terms, for a maximum of nine consecutive years. Board membership size is limited, so not all applicants may be elected.  By-laws include provisions for resignation from office, leave of absence or removal from office as appropriate. If you wish to apply for board membership during the 2024 recruitment cycle, please submit your application by March 20, 2024.  

 The Board of Directors meet monthly, at 7 PM on the third Monday of the month, with exceptions for holidays. Meetings are either in person at the Waldo County Y or via ZOOM.  In addition to attending regular board meetings, directors are appointed to serve on committees or task forces, based on their skills, experience and interests.  Acceptance as a board member includes joining membership of the Waldo County YMCA.


If you have additional questions about the Board of Directors, please leave your request for contact from the Chief Volunteer Officer (CVO) at the Waldo County YMCA front desk.

Current Board Members


Kevin Coombs, CVO
Meg Salmon-Carson, Vice CVO
Joshua Birocco, Secretary
Kali McCarthy, Treasurer

Dorothy Alling

Adam Barnard
Chris Coleman
Aaron Cross
Isabel Cross
Rob Dietz
Aaron Fethke
David Flanagan *
Neil Harriman
Don Hoenig
Dan Horton

Evan Hutchins
Denise Lindahl
Kali McCarthy

Julie Morse
Ryan Otis
Frank Pavalkis

Alex Turner
Bob Winslow

*Honorary Board Member

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