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Addressing Tragedy

Texas seems awfully far away from Maine, but the school shooting this week brought it closer. Violence erodes community. Since our cause is strengthening community, the news was a gut-blow despite being so far away.

I don’t have immediate answers for such tragedies. I know that taking care of people – their health, mental, physical, and spiritual – is one answer, but it is a long term answer and not particularly sexy and alluring to people who want an immediate, glossy, 280k character statements. Caring takes time and consistency.

The WCY staff cares about people. I see it every day in the little interactions between people. And I practice it as much as I can. One reason I work at the WCY is to make a small difference every day: To wave to a preschool child as she goes home; to see an aftercare student in the grocery store and say hello; to ask how an adult member’s workout went and get into a conversation about all the languages they speak.

In the immediate moment, I can offer a couple of links to material online that has been vetted by the YUSA. Perhaps they will help address a specific issue.

If you want to relieve some stress with a workout or just are looking for someone to say “hello”, drop by and let us know what you need. People here will take care of you.

Online Resources

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