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Resilience, Renewal, and the Festival of Lights

I hope you all had a rejuvenating Thanksgiving Weekend. We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

There have been some adjustments due to the flooding. While the crews continue to remove walls and flooring affected by the water, cardio equipment will be available outside the fitness room. See the pictures so that you know what to expect!

We have reconfigured the weights in the fitness room so that they will be accessible after the affected materials are removed. We will replace and repair everything as soon as we can.

As repair work occurs, we will close of affected sections of the facility. We are committed to keeping things open as much as possible and will work to prioritize accessibility and convenience as we rebuild.

Thanksgiving gave me extra time to I reflect on how grateful I am that 1) the damage was not worse, and 2) we have such a strong, resilient staff and community at our Y.

Today is the first day of Hanukkah. We have a menorah in our window to celebrate The Festival of Lights!

It is an appropriate holiday to celebrate as we are recovering from the flooding. The legend of the holiday speaks of resilience and providence, two adjectives that describe our Y and the community surrounding it.

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