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Lap Pool Up and Running (Swimming?)

The Lap Pool is up and running again. Thank you for your patience, we know it is just as frustrating for you as it is for us.

The Lap Pool was closed due to the failure of a chlorinator pump without which we can't keep the pool clean. That pump looks like it is part of the original equipment which means it is 11 years old. We found out they don't make that pump anymore so the plumbing had to be redone to fit the new one. Three business days is what it takes to have something "Express Mailed" and fortunately, a plumber came in to help install the pump once it arrived. We have revised our pool schedules for the remainder of the week. Please view them here.

This winter and spring have exposed the age of our pool mechanical room. So far we've had to replace two pumps, a vacuum, and an electrical connection. We have one more valve scheduled for replacement as soon as the part arrives. Fortunately, we can continue to operate while we wait. We anticipate we will have more parts fail due to age so we are keeping replacements on site, just in case. There are so many possible pieces to fail that we have to make a best guess about what to stock.

I am reminded of all the joy our pool provides for people. It's worth a little hassle! Thank you for your patience.

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