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Gratitude and Excitement

Thanksgiving is around the corner. At the Y, we are grateful for so many things, the biggest one is the caring community we serve. Thank you.

Let me update you on a few of the things going on here:

  • One of the joys of my job is walking into our preschool to choruses of “Hi, Mr. Russell!” Today, I had the delicious privilege of joining them for their Friendsgiving. Ms. Jen and Ms. Karen asked the children to bring in their favorite Thanksgiving foods. The collection of pancakes and vegetables, turkey roll ups and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mac and cheese (thanks to Ms. Karen) and cupcakes made for a terrific lunch! See me enjoying being at the head of the table!

  • Through a state grant in 2021, we have been offering childcare to eligible families at no cost to them. It’s been a blessing to the families and to our Y. Though that grant expires on December 31, 2021, I am pleased that we have secured another grant to continue to offer affordable, quality

childcare to everyone in Waldo County. As part of the grant, our team purchased new materials, particularly manipulatives that foster development, to support our preschool and Bus Stop Childcare.

  • For the past two and a half months, we have been hiring lifeguards as fast as we can. We are almost back to our pre-Pandemic pool schedules. Jensen, our Aquatics Director, has been preparing for the start of the high school swim season because many of our guards swim for Belfast. She’s been hiring to fill those upcoming gaps. Unfortunately, one of our guards broke his ankle and one needed to postpone her first day for two weeks. We are working on filling in the gaps and appreciate your understanding.

  • Those of you who take classes in our Wellness Studio may have noticed that the air handling system has not been cooling as well as it used to. The AC unit, originally installed in 2002, as at the end of its life. And this fall, the end of its life came. We have ordered a new unit. It should arrive in the spring, before the hot weather comes, I hope. Since the weather is colder, we are able to cool the studio with the help of Mother Nature!

  • The Y basketball teams are in full swing. We have practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Games are on Saturdays. We are welcoming spectators with masks. And the teams look great!

  • Bluefish, our Y swim team, has its first meet at the PenBay Y this weekend! Send them fast and buoyant vibes as they start their season!

  • The “Fill the WCY Bus” Food Drive, our monthly program to help food pantries in Waldo County, traveled to Unity this Friday. Braving the cold wind, Jan, Amanda, Julie, and Mike collected more than 100 pounds of food and $300 in donations for pantries in Unity.

It is only through your commitment to our Y, through your memberships, participation in programs, and annual gifts, that our work for our community is possible. That is something I am deeply thankful for!

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