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Flying to the Roof

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

My staff is laughing at me because I'm so excited about this crane. It's true! The scale of this machinery is incredible. Usually, the closest I get to something like this is when I pass it on a highway.

To think that we have this behemoth at the WCY to help us replace the AC units for the upstairs... Just so cool! Check out the pictures. From waiting in the parking lot to flying the units to the roof!

We had a good day for this work, though cold and windy. Thank goodness we ordered this in November. The supervisor from Demmons said the supply chain is even slower now. And thank goodness we have had such generous support from so many people in the community. Having such a successful Annual Fund last year, makes this needed work easier to handle.

So... Here are some factoids I learned about the crane and new units. And then the pictures below:

  • The boom can reach 260 feet without extensions. With extensions, it can reach 380'.

  • If you want to buy a crane like this, it will set you back $3,000,000.

  • It gets three miles to the gallon. Yikes! Fortunately, they estimate that although it works ~250 days per year, it only travels 8000 miles per year.

  • It has ten tires. Replacing the set costs $20,000.

  • Most of the time, the operator has to rely on someone on a radio to tell them where to place the load because the operator can't see where it is. The operator told me it is like a pilot flying in fog, relying on instruments.

  • Because of the wind today, they added an extra seven tons to the backside of the boom.

  • Each rooftop unit weights about 1500 pounds. Each unit has seven tons of cooling capacity. In total, we have upped the cooling capacity from 12 to 14 tons.

  • The weight room is open again!

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