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All Hallows Eve Update - Y Not?

First off, thank you to all of you who have been patient with and grateful for the lifeguards who show up to work. Lifeguards do the work for the community rather than for the recognition, but it's nice to be thanked.

After a successful weekend lifeguarding course, in which we hope we will have picked up three more guards, we had to close the pool for a few hours today because our Aquatics Director, Carolyn, went home feeling ill. The ups and downs of running a pool these days!

We've been able to keep the pool open as much as we have because Carolyn has spent 45+ hours per week on deck. But it's taking a toll and we are cutting back on pool hours next week so that she will only have to spend 35-40 hours per week on deck. The New schedule is available here.

Let's talk about Pickleball... It's started again at the WCY for AOAs (Active Older Adults!) 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the gymnasium. This is open to the entire community and we encourage anyone interested to join in. We hope you might appreciate what we do for the community so much that you become a member. Or make a donation to help us keep our doors open to the entire community:

Finally, Enjoy this All Hallows Eve! Boo!

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