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Health & Fitness
Personal Training

With our American Council on Exercise Certified Trainers

Personal Training Packages now available!
(5) -  1 Hour sessions 
$225 - Annual members / $325 - Others

Expert advice, personalized training plans, and accountability are key components to reaching your goals. YMCA personal trainers offer all of this and more.  The Y’s personal training program is now available in person or virtually!  With this virtual program, our certified trainers will build your unique fitness plan, and provide one-to-one coaching with tools and personal connections so that you can get the most out of each workout wherever you are.  Whether you’re just starting out, recovering from an injury, or kicking your workout up a notch, we’re here to support you every step of the way with individualized instruction, motivation, and support. 

There are many ways our certified fitness professionals can help you

design or update a program so that you get maximum results!

· Develop an individualized, structured approach to meet your unique health and fitness goals.

· Ensuring safe techniques and programming.

· Encourages motivation and accountability.

By appointment. Please call 338-4598 & ask to speak with our fitness department.

$50 / hour Annual Members

$70 / hour 3 Month & Non Members

Work out with family or friends and get the benefits of a personal trainer at a reduced price.

Call today for more information.

Virtual training available too
Meet our American Council on Exercise Certified Trainers
Tamera Blades
Sophie Pfander
Sophie P..png
Anne Rothrock
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