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Health & Fitness
Health Enhancement Options

ANNUAL MEMBER BENEFIT! Lower registration fees with your Annual Membership.


Members are welcomed to work on long-term health and well-being goals. In these programs, we provide a welcoming, safe, and nonintimidating environment where health seekers achieve a sense of accomplishment in the initiation and sustaining of regular physical activity and other healthy habits.

BODY COMPOSITION Let us help you understand why your clothes fit looser with only a small weight loss. Monitoring your measurements can have a positive impact on your health. Women wear shorts and a sports bra or T-shirt if you wish; men wear shorts and a tank shirt.

  • A variety of body circumferences will be taken using a tape measure.

  • Skin-fold calipers will be used to estimate body fat percentage. DO NOT exercise in the hours prior to your appointment for the most accurate results.

  • Sessions are 15-20 minutes in length; efficient measurements can be quick and relatively non-intrusive. Consider scheduling additional appointments every three months to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

  • By appointment only and administered by a certified personal trainer.

  • Annual Members $10 3 Month & Non Members $18

FITNESS ASSESSMENT A private session will assess your current fitness level to aid in the development of an exercise program.

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Cardiovascular endurance test performed on a bicycle, treadmill, or step to measure current aerobic efficiency.

  • Muscular strength/endurance of the upper and lower body evaluated using machines and bodyweight exercises.

  • Joint Flexibility evaluated with a range of motion stretching exercises.

  • Everyone 40 and older will be provided with a medical clearance form that requires a physician’s signature prior to physical fitness testing.

  • All evaluations are administered by a certified personal trainer. Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length.

  • Avoid exercising immediately prior to your appointment to ensure accurate results. By appointment.

  • $25 Annual Members $40 3 Month & Non Members

FITNESS ORIENTATION  Your Annual membership includes an orientation with one of our skilled fitness professionals. This orientation is designed to assist members with a basic workout and to familiarize them with the equipment.

  • For youth ages 12-16 an orientation is mandatory.

  • For members 16 & older an orientation is recommended.

  • Be dressed to work out; comfortable exercise clothes & athletic shoes.

  • Complete your Personal Fitness Profile and return it to the front desk. A trainer will call you to schedule an appointment.

  • We will review your Personal Fitness Profile and teach you how to use the equipment.

  • Orientations will be approximately 1 hour long. By appointment.

  • FREE to Annual Members


HEALTH COACH Perhaps you have decided to “get into shape”, maybe after trying many times before. You are motivated. But, do you have a plan? A health coach can help you in many ways!

  • Set reasonable, realistic goals centered around all aspects of health and fitness.

  • Nutritional guidance to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Providing motivation while you make your journey to improved health.

  • ACE Certified Health Coach, Anne Rothrock, will work with you to help you get where you want to go. By appointment.

  • $50 / hour Annual Members $70 / hour 3 Month & Non Members

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