With the Governor’s Executive Order No. 39 FY 20/21, effective May 24, 2021, repealing certain Face Covering Requirements the following will be observed while at the Waldo County YMCA.

  • Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, certain exceptions may apply.
  • Face masks are recommended in certain settings for those who are not fully vaccinated.

  • We do not disclose the vaccination status of staff or members as this is personal health care information. We will not be asking you for proof of vaccination. We will be trusting you to be honest about your vaccination status. 

  • We will be removing the reservation system for Fitness Center, Weight Room, Track, Pool Complex, and Fitness Classes. Each area will be running the same as we were pre-COVID! 

  • We will again be accepting Nationwide Reciprocity, Day Passes, Guest Passes and Fitness Class Punch Passes!

  • Some Outdoor Fitness Classes will be available.

  • Continue to bring your own shower towel and bottle.

  • Continue to ask yourself our self-screening COVID-19 questions that remain as you enter our facility.

  • We will continue our cleaning/disinfecting practices.


A reminder that based on State of Maine licensing guidelines and our wish to maintain consistency with our school partners, the following programs will continue to require masks for all staff and participants:

  • Bus Stop Before and After School Program

  • Little Learners Preschool

  • Summer Day Camps

  • Visiting School Groups

  • Youth-Serving Programs

Our Aquatics Department would like to remind you of guidelines in our pool complex:

  • POOL EQUIPMENT:  Please return it to its place after you have finished using it.

  • LAP POOL: It may occasionally be necessary to share lanes with other swimmers. When two swimmers are in an individual lane, you may choose to split the lane or circle swim. With three or more swimmers, the lane automatically becomes circle swimming. If a program is scheduled for the lane that you are swimming in during your swim, the lifeguard will ask you to please move to a different lane.

  • HYDROTHERAPY SPA: We are in the beginning stages of getting the spa up and running. It is our intention to get the spa opened up for use as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

  • POOL SCHEDULES:  Pool schedules are back. You can find the most up-to-date schedules at our front desk, on the lifeguard office windows, outside of the Aquatics staff door, and on our Aquatics Page.

  • THERAPY POOL:  Adult ONLY and All Ages therapeutic times have a capacity limit of 25 people and are first-come, first-served unless otherwise posted on the schedule.

  • POOL SPECTATOR AREA:  The observation deck is now open! Please use it as needed.

If you have any questions, please see Aquatics Director, Jensen Sheafe in her office, call 207.338.4598 or email

Help us lead the community through this challenging time. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay with us.