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Aikido (Ages 10 and up) Rolf W. Estela
Build a strong mind, body, and spirit harmoniously for use in daily life by learning and practicing this Japanese art of self-defense.
We need a minimum of 6 participants for this program.
Watch for upcoming session dates...
Day: Saturdays
Time: 11:30 - 12:30
Location: Wellness Room
Session Fees:
$30 Annual Members
$60 3-Month & Non-Members


More so than any other martial art, Aikido relies on three fundamental things. The first two concern basic physics and are known as one-point (meaning balance or center of gravity or, in Japanese, hara) and ki (meaning energy, spirit, or the cosmic essence of life). The third thing is compassion: in this regard, Aikido's goal is to do no harm, to be as compassionate as possible with an attacker. In this way its throws and joint locks differ from those of other martial arts such as Judo. A typical training rule used in many Aikido dojos holds that "the strengths of Aikido are not in muscular force, but in flexibility, communication, timing, control, and modesty (Mitsugi Saotome, Aikido and the Harmony of Nature.)"

John Stevens in Aikido: The Way of Harmony summarizes these fundamentals by saying that the motions of Aikido follow the natural patterns of triangular stance, circular entry, and square control -- and that special attention is devoted to the development of proper breathing; to the correct placement of the feet, hips, and hands and maintaining balance; and to timing and all the other complex factors involved in each technique.

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